"I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for our business! I appreciate all of your attention to our partners and working with our teams! I wish you luck and success in your next journey!!" 

-Kelly Rhodes, PMO Manager, Wealth & Investment Management Project Management Office, Wells Fargo"

"Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you brought to this team.
project manager and I appreciate all of the work you did to make projects successful.


-Lindsay Walker, Implementation Manager, Wealth & Investment Management Project Management Office, Wells Fargo"

"After working with Pauline Chew at UBM Electronics on the complex and cutting-edge re-launch of the website -, I highly recommend her as an effective and thorough Project Manager for all IT and web development projects.  Her years of experience working with developers in the IT environment are demonstrated in her ability to orchestrate and follow technical workflows.  Her years of experience working in large, agile enterprise are demonstrated in her ability to facilitate understanding between developers, users, editors, clients, sales people, marketers and business leaders.  Her management is expressed in her solution-oriented approach that is both graceful and timely.  Pauline brings integrity, joy and results to any team she joins.


Pauline is very talented and experienced with a deep knowledge in both the technical/development side as well as the business side.  Possesses a keen ability to work with the various members of her team and as well as others and leads in a manner that people become just as determined and motivated to accomplish specific goals as she is.  Her “determination and passion is contagious. Pauline’s communication style is described as “very well rounded” with the ability to fully grasp the development side of things and “translate the technical specifications/aspects in a manner that others can understand.  Her communication style was also described as professional across the board whereas she speaks to her audience and is able to formulate her message in a manner that her point is clear and concise. Highly organized with her documentation and ability to handle multiple projects at once. Pauline has been described as having an affinity’ for the development team, understands and grasps where everyone is coming from, and is able to work well between the tech side to the business side.  Pauline’s main strengths are a combination of experience, knowledge, historical perspective, problem solving, deliverables and deadlines, being thorough and effective without sacrificing quality.  Pauline is very proactive and her determination can sometimes be misconstrued as being aggressive towards tackling problems or issues that can arise while managing multiple projects. Pauline is a great asset who Lucia has learned a lot from.  Additionally, Pauline is very selective with what opportunities she pursues and turns them down all the time.  I’m very thankful of all that I have learned from Pauline and believe wherever she lands next is very fortunate to have such a well rounded and skilled individual."

-Lucia Comnes, Project Manager UBM Tech


“Amazing organizational skills, interfacing with client, being on time with projects, efficiency, creativity, forward thinking.  Honest and forthright but careful, very professional.  Is able to place the right people in the right spot and then follow up.  Got along with everyone very well, no problems…a tremendous motivator.  Experience, creativity, able to keep an eye on the overall goal (focus), always thinking forward and how to improve.  Yes, would work with Pauline again.  She would be the first person that I would call. She worked very well with the development team.  She “gets it!  Pauline has an innate need and desire to be creative and always be pushing ahead.”    


-Patrick Mannion, VP & Brand Director UBM Tech


"Pauline is very gifted in team management that excels in both the project management and business analyst front.  She is thorough and detailed in her documentation as well as a great leader in her ability to see projects through their life cycle and deliverables.  Her communication is very ‘open and direct’ with an emphasis in being very clear on what her expectations are as well as an ability to ‘communicate across the board’ from developers to stakeholders. Pauline’s organizational skills are described as being “second to none” in which she is ‘highly organized’ and can ‘handle many projects, tasks, issues at once’ without sacrificing on quality or timely delivery.  ad never heard nor witnessed any problems getting along with anyone, adding that everything always seemed to ‘go well.’  Pauline doesn’t seem to have a shortage of strengths, all of which touch on her ability to gather information from different areas and be able to both communicate such with those who don’t possess the technical background and put said information into action.  She is skilled at working across different teams simultaneously, documenting complex workflows, seeing projects through their entire life cycle, and summarizing issues into clear and concise points.  Pauline is spoken of in very positive terms and Kimberly would absolutely work with her again without question.  Pauline is said to be a tremendous leader who can multi-task, allocate responsibilities, track progress, and command the respect as well as admiration of her peers.  She is a ‘great candidate’ and her ‘next employer would be very lucky in having her.’"  

-K. Poe, Project Manager UBM Tech