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My name is Pauline Chew and I started my career in Information Technology as a developer in the 90s. Along with the evolution of development methodologies over the last two decades, my career organically evolved along with it, becoming a Business Systems Analysis in 2000 followed by a Project Manager in 2008.

My experience working for a vast array of Fortune 500 Companies across a multitude of Industries and business technology solutions has afforded me a lean and versatile ability to adapt to any environment and bring the best of my collective experience to it.  Over that time, I have fundamentally learned about people, while refining my organizational skills all the while.  People are what make Projects tick.

Well versed in the use of standard methodologies to support a wide spectrum of applications across the full development life-cycle, I am meticulous in the creation of all documents required by your business and technology teams. Artifacts required by both business and technical sides of the organization can be seamlessly generated based on the methodology best suited to the corporate culture, organizational infrastructure and team need.  This means essentially I feel comfortable customizing my knowledge and experience with all major methodologies such as PMBOK, Rational UML, Waterfall / Agile to fit the Project's needs and communicating that effectively to any audience, executive, technical or otherwise.

I find that full engagement by all team members is essential for the success of any Project.  My ability to hone in on the unique contributions of each team member, determining their availability and how to best maximize their use of time on the Project allows for the most fertile Project ecosystem to flourish. I love people and measure a Project's success as much by the Project Team's morale as I do by the balancing of the budget, effective management of resources, hitting milestones, and communicating the project timeline effectively.

If I were to coin the unique capability that I bring to any Project, it is a 'minimum-optimum' approach that values quality of life, kindness, mutual support and respect as the senior and self-evident principles of any Project Team.  All the other aspects of Project Management are like studying classical music as a discipline.  What I bring to Project Management goes beyond all that discipline and training.  Like jazz, it's what we are all free to do and become once we have mastered the fundamental disciplines we can control with appropriate training and dedication.  That grey area of feeling relatedness has as much to do with successful Projects as all that is measurable and rationally objectified through charts, graphs, spreadsheets and all the rest.  Sensitive to this, I enjoy the magic that is made where people come together to create something great.

A little more about me, in pictures...

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