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Ever since I can remember, music has figured into my life.  After abandoning it professionally as a teenager, I found myself at age 22 in the company of my Spiritual Guru, Adi Da Samraj, being drawn into a circumstance of chanting daily, sometimes up to 8 hours.


Music heals me and makes me whole again. I find that it restores true feeling and participation in the totality of life, perhaps because of the use of the breath.  As any true art form does, I have found it counters this otherwise incessant left-brained technological and scientifically material way of life we all find ourselves surrounded and governed by in these modern times. 

So many of the tracks are to Poems from a book titled 'Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined to His Weaker Side' in 1974.   Below, are the words to one such Poem  #22, featured in the 2017 Album (below).

Though it is entirely coincidental that this is the age I was when I became His Devotee, I chose it because I have come to recognize that everything performed through work or through life is authenticated in a Singleness only through a most radical form of understanding which I feel this Poem communicates most directly.  

This is all thanks to my Spiritual Guru, Adi Da Samraj, to whom I devote everything and am eternally grateful, and Whom I ultimately recognize to Be the Source and Substance of this Singleness; this Freedom, this Joy, this Happiness.


An ignorant one who reads nothing.

A thinking one who sees nothing.

A feeling one who knows nothing.

A knowing one who thinks nothing.

One who sees but feels nothing.

One who reads but thinks nothing.

One who thinks but reads nothing.

One who feels but sees nothing.

No thinking, reading, feeling, seeing.

No knowing, but thinking, reading, feeling, seeing.

Thinking, reading, feeling, seeing, but knowing.

Neither thinking, reading, feeling, seeing, or knowing.

Only thinking.

Only reading.

Only feeling.

Only seeing.

Knowing and thinking.

Knowing and reading.

Knowing and feeling.

Knowing and seeing.

Thinking to know.

Reading to know.

Feeling to know.

Seeing to know.

Thinking and reading to know.

Thinking, reading, and feeling to know.

Thinking, reading, feeling, and seeing to know.

Reading and feeling to know.

Feeling and seeing to know.

Thinking, feeling, and seeing to know.

Reading and seeing to know.

Thinking and seeing to know.

Reading, feeling, and seeing to know.

Thinking and feeling to know.

Understanding exactly.

Existing entirely.

Knowing perfectly.

Enjoying only.








​Music: © 2020 Oculus Management. 

Lyrics: Adi Da Samraj, poem #22 from Crazy Da Must Sing, Inclined To His Weaker Side (Clearlake, CA: The Dawn Horse Press, 1982), pp. 68--69; © 1982 ASA, used by permission of the copyright owner.

Devotional Music Albums

Below are all of my Devotional Musical Albums, created over the years. They are available for Free Download.

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